Statement of Porpoise

Porpoises are relatives of the dolphins and the whales. They are smaller than whales. They are also smaller than dolphins. Porpoises are mammals, not fish. Mahi Mahi is not dolphin meat, nor porpoise meat. I’ve eaten Mahi Mahi with a mango glaze that was very delicious. The Miami Dolphins are my favorite football team.

At Sea World, I once saw a male and female dolphin mating as they swam around their tank. It was fascinating, though not, for me, particularly erotic. Possibly dolphins are too cerebral an animal to be seen as potently erotic – except, one imagines, by other dolphins. The horse has an intelligence more in its blood. Consider the words ‘stallion’ and ‘mare’. But even a horse is not so erotic as a flowering plant. I’ve got a botany class that has me walking around the neighborhood peeling away sepals and petals to observe, under a magnifying glass, the stamen and carpels within.

Which brings me to the point. This is intended to be my Mormon blog and my contribution to the bloggernacle.  I mean to write four or five paragraphs, two or three times a week. I’ll write on whatever satellite is passing through my transit, including but not limited to: things I’m reading, conversations I’m observing or participating in, things I’m thinking while walking to school or the grocery store, whatever the wind brings me, dreams. While I plan to draw whatever subject to at least a tangential relation to my religion, I hope that much of what I write will be of general interest. I would like to be readable, and even entertaining. At the same time, I would like to stretch people, including myself.

Anyone searching through life, with even a small degree of good faith, will find. A person may not find everything they are looking for, but they will always stumble on some little thing or two. So that almost any source can be mined for truth. Because all truth is a part of a totality of truth, all true information can be synthesized. Very often realities that seem in contradiction are, with more encompassing experience, revealed to be two sides of the same real coin. Very often we reject something only to be forced by our honesty to revisit it later. Mormonism holds no monopoly on truth, naturally. Truth is not a thing that can be owned. Reality transcends us. One should search for reality constantly, and everywhere. I once was listening to Yesterday, by the Beatles, and it struck me as the truest thing I’d ever heard. (No wonder there were so many hippies.) However, I’m a believing Mormon – at least in so far as I believe the Mormon concept of God to be the most accurate and penetrating, and the Mormon idea of the purpose of life to be fundamentally right, and the Mormon ordinances and scriptures to be keys of acquiring knowledge about these. As a believer, I synthesize truths found elsewhere to these personally foundational ideas, rather than the other way round. It doesn’t follow that the foundational ideas are left untouched. New light reveals previously unseen features of even the best understood ideas. I always mean to suspend my bias, and even my belief, long enough to see something truly. I even succeed at this, from time to time.

There is darkness, too, of course, and I’ll do my best to avoid it.

Growth is central to life and the meaning of life. It may even be the meaning of life. All growth is learning. Therefore, those sins which hinder our ability to learn are the most grievous, the most death-dealing sins.

I’m without any Wasatch cadence. I sometimes fear that my sense of humor will be interpreted as ‘dealing lightly with sacred things.’ Well, pain and disappointment are at the root of much humor, especially the irony and absurdity I like to deal in. I’m never more serious than when I’m joking. I’ll stop telling jokes if you’ll stop ‘marching to your destiny by catch phrases.’

First up, in no particular order, a discussion of some symbols: the cross, the sun, and the watchman on the tower. Some thoughts about the word ‘eternal’. Some thoughts about Jung’s #1 and #2 personalities, and how they relate to our ability to receive personal revelation. And much much more.

“I rarely use the word ‘absolute.’ It rarely applies …” Boyd K Packer (of all people)


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