Quick thought on individualism and communitarianism in a Mormon context

The individual project is to become like Christ, though Grace, in all ways. The community project is to become a Zion people, with all that entails.

These two projects are absolutely intertwined and interdependent. You cannot build Zion where individuals are not growing towards the desirable end. You cannot grow individually in a vacuum – and, indeed, the individual that is growing will engage in building Zion. The two projects are so inseparable that one could almost – almost! – think of them as the same project. However, they occupy different spheres, different moments in our lives, and are ultimately not the same thing. Conflating the two causes confusion among the projects by dimming our view of the one or the other.


One Response to “Quick thought on individualism and communitarianism in a Mormon context”

  1. Last Lemming Says:

    Unconflating those two concepts is one of my pet projects at church. I find it useful to quote from Elder Nelson’s April 2008 conference talk: “In God’s eternal plan, salvation is an individual matter; exaltation is a family matter.” I follow that with the observation that we are ultimately a single family.

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