Why I haven’t utilized this blog

When I created this blog, something like a year ago, I had the idea that I could use it as a kind of brain dump.  I often read something that sends my brain out wandering. My initial idea was that I could unload some of that here, with a minimum of effort, and that it might be interesting to myself and/or others to watch. Immediately thereafter, however, I wrote those guest posts for BCC – a process that I did not particularly enjoy – and this left me with an idea that what I post should be complete, coherent, meaningful to someone, whatever. On many occasions an idea has passed through my transit and I have thought, well, I’ll write up a quick post on that. But that feeling that I’d need to round it out … I’ve either not had the time or not wanted to spend the  time.

Anyway, I’m going to try to go back to my original idea. What might appear here might be fragmentary, and might only be fleshed out over time, or might not be fleshed out, at all. I don’t mean to post what seems to me throwaway – that’s what facebook is for. But I am going to try to be less strict with myself.


One Response to “Why I haven’t utilized this blog”

  1. I am glad you reached that conclusion. I like reading the fragments from your brain. It’s largely how I have come to view my own blog – a place to record, no matter how incomplete, the thoughts that mean something to me – the “things of my soul”.

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